Saaelle, a witch, is the main character of this saga.

She’s one of the few true witches in the know lands. According to her mentor, the Master of Witchcraft Geflyde, she’s also the most powerful witch in the history of witchcraft.

She came into the world in the year 170 AW from an aristocratic family.

She is the only daughter of Vargo Nessainn Lord of Gharen – the wealthy lordship that controls the city of Erzbern and its mines of crafted meteoritic iron, situated in the northern craters.

Even before she was born, her father promised her hand to Dravi Reillan, a bandit who had become a mercenary and eventually ascended to the role of liege lord of Soborche.

As the protocol demands, Saaelle is sent, newly born, to the college-prison of Arramann.

She’s raised there until her coming of age, when she’s fourteen years old and ready for the marriage.

After returning briefly to Gharen she marries Dravi Reillan, Lord of Soborche, in Year 184 AW.

Over the years she became Dame of Soborche and acquired from Geflyde the title of Master of Witchcraft.