Arramann is an island half way between the northern and southern land, near to the Lordship of Sigrhan.

Arramann is a sovereign state, not subject to the law of any continental lordship, and houses The College.

Also known as the prison-college, Arramann is where noble families send their daughters right after they are born and until their coming of age for marriage.

sketch of the Arramann College

Concept art for the “prison college” of Arramann.

Men are strictly forbidden to enter and only women, always clad in black garments, rule the college.

They are known by the plebians as “the widows”. Sometimes, the aristocrats that use their services whisper the same. Never too loudly.

“The widows” educate young future brides in matters of obedience, ensured through the experience of a frugal living.

The girls are segregated in the college, left without any mirrors or windows; flatware is made out of wood and even the water is polluted with a substance that doesn’t allow reflections. The only way they can grasp how they look is by their colleagues descriptions. And even this is forbidden.

Punishments are frequent, even for the most insignificant insubordinations. Every once in a while a young girl dies at Arrammann. Families know that and accept the risk.

Life at The College is hard for all the girls, every day. And there’s a place that no girl would ever risk to be sent to: the Punishment Chamber.

At the time of Saaelle’s birth, Dargma is the principal of Arramann.