Feared leader of the Larifurr Tribe, he rules the Inner Circle with an iron fist.

Mestadon became the supreme ruler of the Larifurr Tribe in Year 156 AW. He’s the one sitting at the center of the Inner Circle and for his people he speaks with the voice of the gods.

He’s obsessed with the Larifurr’s defeat in the Great War between humans and Larifurr and as soon as he reached the Inner Circle, Lightshunner‘s raids in the land of the humans began once again.

After all, history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Mestadon is an astute politician, probably the only Larifurr to have been able to live many years in western lands disguising himself as an human.

This allowed him to gather knowledge in dark arts that no Larifurr before was capable of obtaining.

Those who sought protection in the land of the Witch shall perish by my own hands.

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