The Chapel of Caer Wilf is now in ruins. Travelers all across the lands know that there’s no return from there.

Once a powerful and proud Lordship, the Lythe-Wilf family used to be mocked, or revered, for being the oldest blood in the continent.

Indeed, no Lordship was led by pure blood descendents of the original founders, except for the Lordship of Lythe-Wilf.

The Chapel near Caer Wilf was a symbol, dating back to many centuries before written history, when nobles and peasants alike worshipped deities and erected monuments and cathedrals to them.

Sketch of the ruined chapel

After the witch’s curse stroke the Lythe-Wilf family, the Chapel went to ruin while Caer Wilf remained intact.

No one really knows where the Chapel is anymore. Near Car Wilf, that’s for sure.

But so few dare to wander near the old castle and among those few, even fewer return.

According to Bruner, owner of the Blackbird’s Inn, the Chapel is the place where something happened to Waldo Lythe-Wilf and his sister Celine, well over one hundred years ago.