A huge man, so huge some think he’s a descendent of the giants that lived in the East before the Larifurrs invaded the land.

Bodker lives a quiet life in his house by the sea, where he works as a barrel maker. He’s well renowned for his woodworking skills, as well as for his axes.

He rarely has to fight, his physical appearance and prowess being enough to keep anyone at large.

When he’s forced to fight, however, his weapons of choice are two barrelmaker axes, the same he uses to build barrels.

He’s a close friend of Vardadir and the two shared many adventures. At the Hordern Council in Year 192 AW they both were seated among the Lords discussing Mestadon’s menace.

Saaelle first met Bodker there, and won his trust with her speech.

He was the first to vote in favor of her proposal and joined her in the three years long rescue mission in the Larifurr’s land.

There are no cockroaches in my house. There should be no lightshunners in our land. — Bodker

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